Carus Erus (carus_erus) wrote in 1000blankwhtcds,
Carus Erus

Wow, that was fun. ;)

That was lots of fun. Chaotic, but fun.

I've got some ideas about how playing could be a bit cleaner. It was getting difficult to follow along with all the threads, and LiveJournal loves to cut off threads after they get too long. So I had a few ideas for house rules that I'd like to share.

Feel free to comment, ridicule, moderator-slap, or play blank white cards upon to show your approval or disapproval...

First of all, I think we should try to post each card as a new root-level comment, and not a reply to other cards. It might remove a *bit* of the tit for tat nature of the game, but I think it will be more enjoyable in the long run, especially if we have another 100 comment fest like last night. It would let the game flow linearly with time, as opposed to the spiderwad of threads that criss cross and are hard to keep track of. (Think of the confusion over the "BOOP!" card). We'd need to make a bit clearer what card was being played on which person. Regular non-card comments, kudos for ubercards, etc should stay in replies to card .

That's my only real reccomendation. I have some suggestions, but taking these too seriously would go against the nature of the game. That being said, here are a few of them.

I'd made up all my 30 cards in advance, while others were making many of them on the fly. I'm wondering if we could have a good mix of both, perhaps having 15 or so premade cards and 15 or so made on the fly for each game. I found it funny how many of my cards I thought were random seemed to fit anyways. It wasn't clear to me that I should perhaps save some blank cards to play, and some *time* for myself to make them during the game.

We should probably pick a game time in advance so that people could more actively participate. Perhaps a few days after everyone got their cards done, at a date and time(zone) that everyone is comfy with. Once a week is likely all my sanity and creativity could handle. :) It would also give us time to putter away all week to build up pre-made decks.

I run an icon community and we have themed contests, and the thought occured that perhaps having a themed game might be cool. All the premade cards could represent a certain theme. Wild and schizophrenic interpretations on that theme would not only be encouraged, but would likely be mandatory.

That's all I can think of. My mind is now a blank white card.
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