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1000 Blank White Cards

come in and play

One Thousand Blank White Cards
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RULES (or what qualifies as such) for 1000 Blank White Cards. Understand that we don't play this way. We play DIFFERENTLY. Here's how we play:

Using a card standard of 240 by 240 pixels (height by width), and the rules given under the 1000 Blank White Cards link, create 30 cards. Play starts on Sunday, or any reasonable given following day when play hasn't begun for a while, or the yelling starts, or there are space monkeys.

Play begins when a PLAY thread is started. Play threads start with an announcement of players, so we can get a head count. At least three players are needed for any play thread. Play threads can contain notes back and forth, comments on play, taunting, insults, pleading, begging, and outright breakdown notifications, but must contain graphical postings of cards. Play threads will consist of graphic posts back and forth until players feel the thread is complete, at which point points are totaled up, and a winner is announced, or players will wander off, or someone will go out for Chinese.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each card will be played as an individual post thread. Comments, threats, allegations, other cards/pictures/links/jokes/whatever can be played off that card but are not relevant to game play directly--cards that are relevant will be played as independent threads. 'Kay? (Tipped by carus_erus and it was a damned good tip, too.)

Once posted, all cards become the property of this community, and can be re-used by any player in their game. This is important--so don't get bitchy about it. You have the right to save your cards--but so does everyone else. If you really have a problem with it--don't post here. Because everyone's going to be checking out what works, what doesn't, ditching cards, making new cards, printing them out for live games, whatever--so cards are evolving live things. These cards? Can be traded around. Don't get proprietary.

Only post cards in those graphical formats supported by LJ--.png, .gif, .bmp and .jpg. And NO ANIMATED CARDS! It's probably perfectly Discordian, but it takes up far too much memory and bandwidth to display.

Yes, these are the only rules.

'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds..

Links for additional information:

1000 Blank White Cards
Expanding the Capabilities of 1000 Blank White Cards: Pastiche
Tapped for ideas? Try Seattle's Electric Archive

And in the "crap-this-happened-before-I-really-should've-checked" department, there's also the blankwhitecards community, what am doing the same thing...and has been doing it since late May. Damn, I'm slow.

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In addition...since we're all depressed and are not sure what to do about it...

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