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invitation to play

We may need more members.

I'm here; I know poppycat's here; we need at least one more member.

I have thirty cards and am ready.

Who else is? :)

fnord fnord fnord fnord
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I am! Is this a play thread? Here, I have a card.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oh, you have a better Zombie Attack card than I do. :)

But hoooold up--this is a play announcement thread first--we need to make sure we have at least three players, and Poppy's in the middle of a system reformat so a), hasn't made up cards, and b), hasn't been able to come in and announce she's here.

So far, it's just you and me here. Now, if we can get another player who knows the rules and can get thirty cards together...You get to go first. :)
Nor has the shiney made cards yet :(

the shiney is a poo.
The shiney is not a poo, the Nema is just a compulsive and stayed up way too late making cards. :)

We can let the post hang for a bit. It's out here, it can stand.
I'm not ready or anything. Just wanted to say I thought this was a cool idea, and I'll probably be joining, I just want to see how everything works first. I've read the rules, I'm just not sure I get it. So, hello, hope to understand within a week, and have cards. ;-D
Well, it's a Discordian concept, which means, as soon as you understand it, it probably has to change, out of sheer self-preservation or something.

But here's the basic shakedown, for the cyberspace version.

Cards are standard 240 by 240 pixels; white background, black text, color if you want. No animation. Standard LJ-supported graphic sets, so .png, .jpg, .gif, and .bmp only, nothing fancy. Did I mention no animation? :)

Rules: Since we're not playing with a standard 'player to left, player to right' policy, just remember who you're playing with. Every thread's going to announce who's in the thread, and the game will start when there are at least three players to play. You can play any card on yourself, or on anyone else in the thread (that's why it's important to remember who else is in the thread). I'm afraid it's going to be up to the players to remember what their scores are.

Play will last a week from when play officially starts, or sooner if it resolves sooner, or later if everyone's having too much fun to stop. Player with the highest point total wins. But really, the objective of the game is to have fun.

Everyone can save everyone else's cards for later play, but I don't think that's going to be too much of a big deal; it's just a cautionary measure. I'm not encouraging theft, I'm more saying, this is a community, and cards become community property. (As such, if artists want to sign their cards, that's cool too.)

I don't know if any of that helped, but that paired with the rules, well, that gives you what I know. I'll see if I can dig up more information. :)

And thank you for the Ioan, btw. We just finished watching "The Fire Ships" this eve, and I am much for the Hornblower, yes I am. :)
williamtwodium may have pulled me in from blankwhitecards. My first seven halfway decent (though not 240x240) cards can be found there.

I just discovered this game a few days ago, and a bit of googling brought me here.

I assume I'd have to create a set of 30 240x240 premadecards before signing up to play? Do we create cards as we play? Do we play all of our own cards, or do we somehow "shuffle" them into a "deck"?
I'd like everyone in a play thread, at least the first one, to have 30 cards ready to go. We may change with other games; Will's offered to host a couple different styles and we may run a couple different ways as we go.

At the moment, I'm assuming everyone plays their own cards to start; later, we'll try advanced techniques. Read through the limited rules in the userinfo. We're waiting on a couple folks who are setting up cards and going through a system upgrade at the moment.
Sounds like you'll be starting a game this coming Sunday?

How long do I have to make the cards?

If I've got a couple of days, I'll get working on some more by hand to bring me up to a deck of 30. I don't trust my mouse-hand for freestyle drawing...

I'll let you know how it goes.
Yeah, I didn't either, but I did some anyway. So there will be some truly horrific stick figures upcoming. :)

You've got at least a couple days. I figure, we're at least 48 hours out, if not a full week.
OK, I went downstairs and whipped up another 20 cards or so, added in a few rejects from the game I played and I'll add them to the 7 I already posted. I just need to scan them.

Is that good enough to get into the game?

I assume I'll need them scanned and at the ready by the time we start...

Woot! Crighton!
Yasssirormadamyass. Pretty much.

Get thee to scanning, tell me when you're ready. When you're ready, that will make two of us at the ready, then I can ask kleenexwoman if she's still good to go. That makes the basic three, and we can start an intro game, see if the basic rules work.

Once that runs out, we can see if the arcanity that William wants to run can work. *shrugs* It's all upcoming.
OK, I'm now officially crazy, as I've just completed scanning 30 cards. I'll upload them to my FTP site now.

Well, dang! See what happens when I go to sleep for a night?

Lemme go bang on kleenexwoman's door...
weeee heeee heeeee sounds interesting count me in for whenever the next game is.......
Y'know, I think we all got busy and fell down. I should announce another game happening in a couple days or so...remake my deck over the course of...erm. Tomorrowish. :)