Carus Erus (carus_erus) wrote in 1000blankwhtcds,
Carus Erus

Just a little something I whipped up

For those of you keen on actually *drawing* your blank white cards, here's a little something I whipped up in Adobe Illustrator:

Blank White Cards Template (424kB PDF)

I like this because it lets me draw the cards on something a bit larger (instead of a smaller piece of paper, there are borders on the edge (my scanner crops a couple of millimeters off the top of each scan if I line it up with the top edge, and I can put them in a binder for later viewing/scanning.

Perhaps not so cool for the actual playing of the game in real life, but perhaps I can keep a duotang binder with me and doodle away and slice everythig up later.

The PDF file is too large, and I'll be taking down the link when I run out of web space. I just thought I'd share this with the group.
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