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comments on the first game

Okay, so the first game's behind us. There, now, nobody died, was that so hard? :)

So, I have a few reactions.

1. First, we got through it okay, so the system sorta works. And we're all good at collapsing each other, so it may not die down real soon. This is also good. Oh, and poppycat's from another planet. Which is also of the good. (And the source of the "We love Poppycat" dance I must do at least once a day. Damn, how did I survive before I ran across her LJ...I gotta send sphynxcatvp something fun at some point, only she won't give me her gorram address...save that's a rant for another time...and another journal...)

2. Second, there's definitely room for improvement. Which has been noted from at least two correspondents...so I think it's time to start really codifying the major ideas, but by "I think it's time" I mean, I think it's time to start talking about it--implementation is for down the road. I think some of us are in time-sensitive situations, some of us are in different time zones, so, you know, there are some speed bumps in the system.

Like, someone--it may have been carus_erus, forgive the Swiss cheese that is the Topamax-brain--suggested that we maybe set aside a day/time to play, you know, for, say, one two-hour intense session, and I'm thinking, what the hell, when would that be?? Because when it's eleven pm for me it's like five in the morning for Poppy, and it's something like one ayem for themoonlady, and that's not counting the other countries not heard from, right? So now we need to figure out where we all are, and when we all are, and figure out when would be best. This may require math, which is not my strong suit. :)

3. Third, there should be a third point. I just think there should be. But I don't have one, because I'm currently massively distracted by Margaret Cho, so there you go. That's all I have.

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